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唐纳德特朗普命令美国撤军. 来自索马里的军队

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["亚的斯亚贝巴(埃塞俄比亚首都, 十二月 5 (路透社) - 唐纳德特朗普总统决定撤回美国. 在他的总统任期即将结束的日子里,从索马里撤出的军队在周六引发了一些索马里人的失望, 谁向即将到来的美国上诉。.

法官命令特朗普政府恢复 DACA 移民计划

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["一名联邦法官周五命令特朗普政府恢复儿童入境暂缓遣返计划, which provides protection from deportation to many undocumented immigrants who were brought t...

Supreme Court Orders Review Of California’s Coronavirus Restrictions For Churches

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["华盛顿 (美联社) — The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a lower federal court to reexamine California restrictions on indoor religious services in areas hard hit by the coronavirus in light of the justices’ recent r...

These Were The Trendiest Food Delivery Orders Of 2020

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[]["James de Wall via Getty ImagesThe spicy chicken sandwich reigned supreme in 2020.The year 2020 transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, and some of the more interesting changes involved our eating habits. On ...

EPA Staff Slams Trump’s Anti-Diversity Orders: ‘They Are Punitive And Demeaning’

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["Environmental Protection Agency staffers are organizing against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning diversity trainings, mounting what may be the fiercest opposition to Trump administration polic...

Federal Judge Orders USPS To Reinforce ‘Extraordinary MeasuresTo Deliver Ballots

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["华盛顿 (路透社) - 美国. Postal Service (USPS) must remind senior managers they must follow its “extraordinary measures” policy and use its Express Mail Network to expedite ballots ahead of Tuesday’s presiden...

France Orders Paris Mosque To Close After Teacher’s Beheading

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["巴黎 (路透社) - France ordered the temporary closure of a mosque outside Paris on Tuesday, part of a crackdown on Muslims who incite hatred after the decapitation of a teacher who showed his class caricatures of t...