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Obama Shares Joe Biden’s Year-Old Pandemic Prophecy

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["Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted exactly one year ago that the United States was not prepared for a pandemic. Former President Barack Obama and dozens of others shared the tweet from Oct. 25, 2019, ...

Rapporto dagli spettacoli di Katie Porter 1 In 5 Le donne hanno lasciato la forza lavoro dalla pandemia

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["rappresentante. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) sta sottolineando come la pandemia di COVID-19 e la relativa crisi economica abbiano spinto le donne fuori dalla forza lavoro in modo sproporzionato. Di 22% — o più 1 in 5 — donne negli Stati Uniti. avere l...

Barack Obama, Joe Biden Use A Key Page From Their Pandemic Playbook To Bash Donald Trump

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["Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden in a new video used a key page from their old pandemic playbook to call out President Donald Trump’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus crisis....

Coronavirus Pandemic Won’t Stop NORAD From Tracking Santa This Year

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Children of the world can rest easy. The global pandemic won’t stop them from tracking Santa Claus’ progress as he delivers gifts around the globe on Christmas Eve. The North American Aerospace Def...

Coronavirus Pandemic, Spiking Hot Spots Spark Fear And Anxiety In U.S.

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["Preslie Paur breaks down in tears when she thinks of her state’s refusal to mandate face masks. The South Salt Lake City, Utah, woman can’t work at her special education job due to an autoimmune disease. Her husband...

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