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오바마, 조 바이든의 1년 전 전염병 예언 공유

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["민주당 대선 후보인 조 바이든은 정확히 1년 전 미국이 전염병에 대비하지 않았다고 트위터에 올렸다.. 버락 오바마 전 대통령 등 수십 명이 지난 10월 트윗을 공유했다.. 25, 2019, ...

Rachel Maddow Delivers Stinging Rebuke Of Donald Trump’s ‘Ego-FeedingPandemic Rallies

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["MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday tore into President Donald Trump’s ongoing mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and his insistence on flouting safety guidelines to hold rallies across the country. The host of “Th...

Nancy Pelosi: Pandemic Relief Needs A Deal By Tuesday To Pass By Election Day

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["House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-캘리포니아) said Sunday that the U.S. House and the Trump administration would need to come to an agreement on the next phase of pandemic-related economic stimulus by Tuesday for a coronavi...

Infectious Disease Expert: The ‘Darkest Of The Entire PandemicHas Yet To Come

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["Michael Osterholm, a renowned infectious disease expert, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that “the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic” and expressed concern that the U.S. lack...

코로나바이러스 라이브 업데이트: Read The Latest Updates On The Pandemic

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["The coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life around the globe, with more than 40 million people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 since Chinese officials implemented the first coronavirus lockdown in the city...

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