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형제 자매가 싸울 때 부모가 개입해야합니까??

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[]["스카이네셔(Getty Images), 그리고 부모로서 나의 가장 큰 기쁨 중 하나는 그들의 관계가 꽃피는 것을 지켜보는 것입니다.. NS...

Chrissy Teigen’s Family Photo Shoot Troubles Are Too Relatable For These Parents

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["Chrissy Teigen recently experienced a familiar struggle that’s all too real for parents around this time of the year: the stress of the family photo shoot. Usually taken after Thanksgiving just in time for a holida...

나는 혼혈이고 백인 부모가 있습니다. 내 머리카락이 내 문화에 대해 가르쳐 준 것은 다음과 같습니다..

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["MAT LO 주말에만 머리를 내리곤 했었는데. 거꾸로 매달려, 나는 어머니가 내 발목을 부드럽게 휘두르면서 킥킥거린다.. 그녀가 나를 바로 뒤집을 때 나는 내 컬이 자유롭게 튀는 것을 볼 수 있습니다.. 그녀는 나에게 키를 준다...

Parents Share 35 Hilarious Names Kids Call Everyday Things

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[]["Children may not have fully mastered the ins and outs of the English language, but they certainly offer some original takes on it. In fact, some of their malapropisms and creative turns of phrase are arguably bett...

130 Unusual Baby Names Parents Chose In 2019

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[]["Roger Wright via Getty ImagesNames given to fewer than 10 babies born last year include Demon, Versailles and Greenleigh.When the Social Security Administration released the official list of the most popular baby ...

35 Funny Names Kids Give Everyday Things, According To Their Parents

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[]["JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty ImagesKids are still learning the English language, so they’re bound to make a few errors.Anyone who’s been around children knows they offer a number of creative takes on the English lang...