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["一名联邦法官驳回了路易斯安那州一名牧师的诉讼,该牧师寻求在 COVID-19 大流行期间不受人群规模限制的敬拜, 坚持认为民主党政府. 约翰·贝尔·爱德华兹 (John Bel Edwards) 试图遏制疫情蔓延.

Trump-Supporting Pastor Breaks Ranks, Calls Biden President-Elect

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["An evangelical Christian leader who has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters is breaking ranks with the president over who won the election. In an op-ed for Fox News, Robert Jeffress said “it appears that f...

Justin Bieber’s Pastor Fired From New York City Evangelical Church For ‘Moral Failures

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["An evangelical Christian pastor known for being a spiritual mentor to the stars has been fired from his job leading a popular New York City church. Pastor Carl Lentz was terminated from Hillsong Church East Coast, ...