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Philadelphia Election Official Says Office Receiving Death Threats: ‘Very Deranged

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["Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican who is one of three officials running the city’s elections, said his office has received death threats during the vote-counting process. “From the inside looki...

Philadelphia Police Investigating Alleged Plot To Attack Vote Counting

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["Philadelphia police arrested two men armed with guns Thursday night after receiving a tip reporting a plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where city workers are counting mail-in ballots from the presi...

Philadelphia Police Pledge To Release Walter Wallace Jr. Shooting Video

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["Philadelphia police on Wednesday promised to release body camera footage captured in the police shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. on Oct. 26, and named the officers involved in the shooting. Wallace’s family said...

Philadelphia Police Vow To Release 911 Tapes, Body Camera Video Of Black Man’s Killing

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["PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia police pledged to release 911 tapes and police body camera footage “in the near future” in the shooting death of a Black man with a history of mental health problems, a death that pr...

Philadelphia Police Fatally Shoot Black Man, Sparking Overnight Protests

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["PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police shot and killed a 27-year-old Black man on a Philadelphia street after yelling at him to drop his knife, sparking violent protests that police said injured 30 officers and led to dozens of...