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‘Photoshop BattleOver Obama-Biden Elbow Bump Is Perfect Distraction From Election Nerves

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["As America anxiously awaits the 2020 election result, some folks on Reddit are passing the time by reworking an image of former President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Joe Biden air elbow-bumping on the campai...

‘Photoshop Battle’ Over Mark Ruffalo Skateboarding Is A Real Marvel

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["Six years after being snapped skateboarding in a New York City playground, this picture of actor Mark Ruffalo is going viral all over again: PsBattle: Mark Ruffalo on a skateboard from photoshopbattles On Sunday, a...

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Gets Gobbled Up In Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle’

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["Redditors gobbled up President Donald Trump’s pardoning of a turkey in the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition on Tuesday. A “Photoshop Battle” broke out over one particular image of the outgoing president wit...

Donald Trump’s Tiny-Looking Desk Is Now A Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle

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["That viral picture of President Donald Trump sat at a tiny-looking desk during his Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday initially became a meme. Nou, the widely mocked snap has sparked a frenzied “Photoshop Bat...