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Arkansas Police Chief Resigns After Calling For ‘Death To All Marxist Democrats

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["The police chief of a small Arkansas town has resigned after writing social media posts calling for “death to all Marxist Democrats” and saying he hoped certain Democratic leaders, including former President Barack ...

Amid More Protests Over Son’s Police Death, Walter Wallace Sr. Says Violence ‘Not Helping

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["Walter Wallace Sr., whose 27-year-old son was shot dead on Monday by Philadelphia police, chastised people perpetuating violence in the city in the aftermath of his child’s death and called for an end to the “chaos....

Black Woman Shot By Illinois Police Officer Seeks Justice From Hospital Bed

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["WAUKEGAN, Ill. (AP) — A Black woman who was shot and wounded inside a vehicle by a police officer who also fatally shot her 19-year-old boyfriend on Satuday told about 200 people gathered at an emotional rally in su...

Dispute Over A Dog Leads To 8 People Shot In Nashville, Police Say

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["Jaime Durkin via Getty Images A dispute in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, (pictured) early Sunday morning led to several people being shot, police said. A dispute over a dog reportedly led to a shooting in Nashville...

Grand Jurors In Breonna Taylor Case Call Police Actions ‘Negligent’ And ‘Criminal’

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["Two of the grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case said that the actions of the police in Louisville, Kentucky, that led to the high-profile killing were “negligent” and “criminal.” The jurors sat down with journali...

Polisiebeamptes van Parys moet in aanhouding bly nadat hulle die swart musiekvervaardiger geslaan het

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["PARYS (Reuters) ― Drie polisiebeamptes van Parys wat aangehou word oor die slaan van 'n swart musiekvervaardiger tydens 'n arrestasie 'n week gelede, sal vir eers in aanhouding bly, Remy Heitz, aanklaer van Parys, Sondag gesê. Heitz vertel ...

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