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Trump’s Refusal To Concede Complicates Mike Pence’s Political Future

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — For Mike Pence, a second term for President Donald Trump would have been a 2024 ticket to Republican frontrunner status. But with Trump’s loss — after Pence spent the last four years as his most lo...

Samuel Alito Goes Full Political Commentator In Federalist Society Speech

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["Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave alarmingly political remarks on Thursday, criticizing many states’ science-based COVID-19 restrictions and condemning the high court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. ...

Dr. Scott Atlas: Fauci Is A ‘Political Animal,’ COVID-19 Lockdowns ‘Kill People

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["Dr. Scott Atlas, the White House’s controversial coronavirus adviser, took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday, labeling the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases a “political animal”...

Joe Biden Just Gave A Totally Normal Political Speech — And It Felt So Radical

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["Joe Biden greeted the nation as president-elect for the first time Saturday night, calling for decency, compassion and a fair shot for all. He offered an olive branch to supporters of President Donald Trump, saying...

Seth Meyers Mocks ‘Political MastermindTrump’s Election ‘Hack

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["Seth Meyers went to town on Donald Trump on Thursday for his off-the-mark interpretation of how democracy works even as several states continued to count votes in a presidential election that was still too close to ...

Women Have Spent Trump’s Time In Office Building Political Power

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["Illustration: HuffPost; Photos: Getty Three days after Election Day in 2016, I got a message on Twitter from a new friend. She was having a handful of people over, mostly women, to sit and talk and process and — mos...

Trump bevorder politieke geweld ter verdediging van ondersteuners wat Biden-bus gewemel het

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["President Donald Trump het mense Sondag - twee dae voor die verkiesing - openlik mense wat politieke geweld pleeg, bevorder in kommentaar wat sy ondersteuners in Texas verdedig, wat 'n veldtog buigend gevaar het..

How To Defuse Tense Political Conversations At Work

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[]["teddyandmia via Getty ImagesHere's how to address tensions and jabs about the 2020 election and beyond.You often cannot choose who you work with, and unlike with family members, you cannot just avoid co-workers if...