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Trump’s Rallies Didn’t Pay Off For Him At The Polls, According To Data

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["President Donald Trump’s largely maskless campaign rallies may have boosted the spread of COVID-19, but they didn’t serve Trump well at the polls, according to a ballot analysis by NBC News. In an overwhelming numb...

Polls Underestimated Trump Again. Here’s What We Know So Far.

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["Polling on the 2020 presidential election once again appears to have substantially underestimated President Donald Trump and other Republicans’ performance in key states, delivering another body blow to public trust...

Christina Aguilera’s Iconic ‘F* This I’m Going To VoteDress Is Perfect For The Polls

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["Christina Aguilera is using couture to encourage people to get to the polls. The “Dirrty” singer posted an altered photo of herself Tuesday wearing a poufy pink Viktor & Rolf concoction emblazoned with the phrase, ...

Not So Funny: ‘StrollinTo The PollsTakes On Voter Suppression On ‘SNL

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["One of “Saturday Night Live’s” killer fake bands took on voter suppression in a smirky “Strollin’ to the Polls.” “It’s time to march on down, get our voices heard,” sings Chris Redd. But the excited strollers soon ...

How This Woman Is Prepping People For The Worst-Case Scenarios At The Polls

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["Between a global pandemic, an economic crisis and a summer of mass demonstrations, there’s an unprecedented potential for strife and contention at the polls on Tuesday. The country has already seen pockets of politi...

Amerikaanse. Voters Worried About Violence And Their Safety At The Polls

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Gary Kauffman says he does not scare easily. So when men waving President Donald Trump flags drive by his house in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he stands on his front steps and waves a banner...

Joe Biden Reportedly Planning Visit To Georgia Where Polls Show Very Tight Race

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["Joe Biden is reportedly planning a visit to Georgia, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992 but where recent polls show him neck-and-neck with President Donald Trump. Biden will...

‘AngryTrump Attacks Polls, Press And Dr. Fauci

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["TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — An angry President Donald Trump came out swinging Monday against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the press and polls that show him trailing Democrat Joe Biden in key battleground states in a disjointed closi...