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Die konserwatiewe tydskrif beklink Donald Trump se 'Verwerplikste' taktiek ná die verkiesing

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["Die redakteurs van die konserwatiewe National Review het Donald Trump se "skandelike optrede" na aanleiding van die 2020 verkiesing, die president se "petuante weiering" om 'n nederlaag teen die verkose president Joe Biden te aanvaar. Th...

Anderson Cooper Sums Up Donald Trump’s Post-Election Chaos With 1 Searing Word

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["The chyron on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show Thursday said it all. “PATHETIC,” it read ― a one-word summary of President Donald Trump’s ongoing — and increasingly petty and unhinged — attempts to steal the election that...

CNN Fact-Checker Spells Out The Stark Truth Of Donald Trump’s Post-Election Lies

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["The truth of the matter is that President Donald Trump has taken his lying to the next level since his 2020 election defeat, CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale said on Wednesday. “Basically nothing the preside...

Chris Rock’s Post-Election Fantasy Is Very 2020

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["We all need a nice, long nap, including Chris Rock. As the presidential election continues to slog on, and states like Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia continue to count ballots, many Americans are feeling overwhelm...

Jimmy Kimmel Points Out Trump’s Biggest Post-Election Hypocrisy

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["America might need some medical help as a result of the still-unresolved election battle between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Jimmy Kimmel said. “I thought if your election lasted more ...

What Happened And What’s Next: A Postelection Q&A With HuffPost

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["Die 2020 election is here — who will occupy the White House, lead the U.S. Senate and make decisions affecting all of us in the coming years? Join us at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, Nov. 6 for a virtual event to recap the ...