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第一部《权力的游戏》’ 前传图像可能会揭示火热的秘密

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["就像@GameOfThrones 说的, 龙来了 ... 星期四, HBO 宣布推出《权力的游戏》前传,令粉丝大吃一惊, “龙之屋,”将在 2021. 一个 Targaryen-focu 怎么可能....

Naomi Watts Calls ‘Game Of ThronesPrequel Cancellation A ‘Deep Shame

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["A “Game of Thrones” prequel is coming ... but Naomi Watts isn’t. Late last year, HBO shocked “Game of Thrones” fans everywhere by canceling one of its much-hyped prequels to the series, this one starring none other ...