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MSNBC 任命 Rashida Jones 为总裁, 为主要有线新闻网创造历史

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["MSNBC 任命拉什达·琼斯为下一任总裁, 使她成为第一位经营大型综合新闻有线网络的黑人高管, 华尔街日报报道. 琼斯, 现任高级副总裁...


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["社交媒体上的人们想嘲笑, 嘲笑老巴黎圣母院教练卢·霍尔茨. 他称唐纳德特朗普总统是“我一生中最伟大的总统”,同时被授予总统自由勋章。.

‘Trump Remains The Leader’: President Brings In $207 Million After Election Day

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["President Donald Trump raised $207.5 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee in the weeks after Election Day, a mammoth figure that underscores his grip on the GOP even after he lost to Preside...

Former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing Dead At 94

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["巴黎 (美联社) — Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the president of France from 1974 到 1981 who became a champion of European integration, died on Wednesday. He was 94. Giscard d’Estaing’s office said he passed away in his fam...

Election Loser Trump Should Quit And ‘Not Be Embarrassing’, Czech President Says

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["PRAGUE (路透社) - Donald Trump would be wiser to acknowledge losing the U.S. presidential election and quit, Czech President Milos Zeman, an early Trump supporter, said on Thursday. Zeman, one of the few European p...

President Taps Rudy Giuliani To Take Charge Of Trump’s Election Lawsuits

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["President Donald Trump has placed his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in charge of all of his campaign lawsuits challenging election results, ABC News and The New York Times reported Friday. The controversial attorney...

French President Hails Chance To ‘Make Our Planet Great AgainAfter Biden Win

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["LONDON/BRUSSELS, 十一月 12 (路透社) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday welcomed the prospect of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden rejoining the Paris climate accord, saying countries now had a chance to “make...

Rush Limbaugh: ‘No Way Joe Biden Was Legitimately Elected President

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["Rush Limbaugh’s allegiance to election truthers ― those adopting President Donald Trump’s false claims that President-elect Joe Biden stole the election ― should come as no surprise. “There’s simply no way Joe Biden...

President Trump Releases Statement From The Golf Course On Projected Biden Win

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["Moments after Democrat Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the 2020 总统选举, President Donald Trump released a statement on Saturday declaring that his opponent “is rushing to falsely pose as t...

Reality Finally Caught Up To President Donald Trump

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["Elections have consequences, as the saying goes. And sometimes elections are the consequences. Donald Trump has lost the presidency, as the television networks and decision desks have now declared. It will take time...

Donald Trump Never Wanted To Be President For All Americans

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["In his 2016 election night victory speech, Donald Trump pledged to be a president for all Americans, even those who did not support his bid for the White House. “Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of divis...

Our Fictional President

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["ILLUSTRATION: YENWEI LIU/HUFFPOST; PHOTO: GETTY IMAGE As the pandemic and the election season of 2020 unfolded, I kept thinking back to a book I read in March, Elisa Gabbert’s eerily timely and thoughtful “The Unrea...

Lady Gaga’s Dad Declares Support For Trump After President Rips His Daughter

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["This could be an awkward holiday season for Lady Gaga and her father, Joe Germanotta. A day after President Donald Trump called Germanotta’s pop-star daughter “not too good” and suggested he had salacious stories ab...

‘Law And OrderPresident Tries To Skirt Rules On COVID-19, Insults Minnesota Officials

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["唐纳德·特朗普, who refers to himself as the “law-and-order president,” tried to thumb his nose at local health restrictions at a campaign rally Friday in Minnesota. Then he insulted officials who enforced the law. Cr...

Biden Says He’ll Be A President For All, Including Pro-Trump ‘Chumps’ At Rally

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["Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Saturday at a rally in Pennsylvania that if he wins the presidency, he will work hard on behalf of all Americans — including people like the “chumps” who gathered outside the event,...

Trump Balks At Idea Of A ‘Female Socialist President’

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["What’s worse than a socialist president, according to President Donald Trump? A female one. The president didn’t hide his feelings about the idea of a woman in the executive office during a Florida campaign rally F...