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A 2019 ‘Project RunwayContestant Named Kovid Who Made Masks Has People Buzzing

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["Clips from a 2019 episode of “Project Runway” have been making the rounds on Twitter and TikTok after fans noticed that the show has a wild connection to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Season 17 of the fashion de...

Laverne Cox Wants To Reframe Narrative Around Transgender Rights With New Project

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["Leave it to Laverne Cox to shine bright amid both a pandemic and a politically divisive moment for the world. A Netflix documentary she executive-produced, “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen,” debuted to great accla...

Lincoln Project Warns That Republicans In Trump’s Shadow Are More Dangerous

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["You think lame duck President Donald Trump is bad? The Lincoln Project says in a new ad that Republicans standing behind him are perhaps even more dangerous. (Watch it below.) In a video posted Sunday by the never-T...

Lincoln Project Gives ‘Covey SpreaderTrump The Honey Badger Treatment

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["The Lincoln Project put a new spin on an old viral sensation, giving President Donald Trump a makeover in the spirit of the viral honey badger video. Meet the Covey Spreader. The conservative never-Trump organizati...

Lincoln Project Attorney Scorches Lawsuit Threat Over Ivanka, Jared Billboards

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["Noam Galai via Getty Images The Lincoln Project billboards in Times Square skewer Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner's indifference to American COVID-19 deaths amid the failed policy of the Trump administration....

Trump ‘Came After Our Family,’ Says Alexander Vindman’s Angry Wife In Lincoln Project Ad

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["President Donald Trump “came after our family,” the angry wife of decorated Iraq war veteran Alexander Vindman said Friday in a dramatic new political ad. “The first time I felt threatened was just after Alex’s test...