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Another Prosecutor Quits Trump’s Policing Task Force, Worried It Will Cause Further Division

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["'n Kansas-aanklaer wat saam met president Donald Trump se omstrede wetstoepassingstaakspan werk, het uit sy rol bedank, William Barr, prokureur-generaal, in 'n brief vertel dat hy "diep beledig is deur 'n politica ...

DOJ Faults Jeffrey Epstein Prosecutor For ‘Poor Judgment,’ Clears Of Misconduct

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["WASHINGTON (Reuters) ― An internal Justice Department investigation has concluded that then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta exercised “poor judgment” by allowing financier Jeffrey Epstein to enter a non-prosecution agreem...

Progressive Prosecutor George Gascón Projected To Win Los Angeles District Attorney Race

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["Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Progressive prosecutor George Gascón is expected to become the next district attorney in Los Angeles, a major victory for activists who have organized for years to replace Jackie Lacey. ...

Prosecutor Drops Dubious Confederate Statue Cases As Portsmouth Fires Police Chief

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["The elected prosecutor of Portsmouth, Virginia, dropped controversial charges on Monday against a high-ranking state senator, local civil rights leaders and city public defenders in connection with what the local po...