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Thai Authorities Seek To Censor Coverage Of Student Protests

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["BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s embattled prime minister said Monday that there were no plans to extend a state of emergency outside the capital, even as student-led protests calling for him to leave office spread around ...

Violent Protests Flare In Italian Cities Against New COVID-19 Restrictions

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["TURIN, Italy, Oct 26 (Reuters) — Protests flared across Italy on Monday against a new round of government restrictions aimed at curbing a resurgent coronavirus, with violence reported in at least two major northern ...

German Restaurant Protests Pandemic Lockdowns With Stuffed Pandas

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["FRANKFURT, Nov 25 (Reuters) - The owner of a Frankfurt restaurant is staging a protest against the coronavirus lockdown in Germany by filling his tables with a hundred stuffed toy pandas, in a play on the word “pand...

Amid More Protests Over Son’s Police Death, Walter Wallace Sr. Says Violence ‘Not Helping

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["Walter Wallace Sr., whose 27-year-old son was shot dead on Monday by Philadelphia police, chastised people perpetuating violence in the city in the aftermath of his child’s death and called for an end to the “chaos....

Philadelphia Police Fatally Shoot Black Man, Sparking Overnight Protests

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["PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police shot and killed a 27-year-old Black man on a Philadelphia street after yelling at him to drop his knife, sparking violent protests that police said injured 30 officers and led to dozens of...