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In Pro-Trump Media, The Election Never Ended

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["It’s been nearly two weeks since every major news outlet called the presidential race for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. But for pro-Trump media, the election never ended. The election map this week on One America Ne...

亲特朗普团体呼吁内战, 明显蔑视 Facebook 的政策

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["星期四下午, 随着 Facebook 上“停止窃取”群组的成员数量激增至 360,000, 社交媒体公司决定关闭它. 该小组正在“创造现实世界的事件,“哇...

QAnon Backers Behind Pro-Trump Caravans Blocking Roads And Disrupting The Election

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["Across the country, caravans of Donald Trump supporters have taken over highways, bridges and city streets in recent days in aggressive displays of support for the president. One convoy drove through Marin City, Ca...

Biden Says He’ll Be A President For All, Including Pro-Trump ‘Chumps’ At Rally

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["Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Saturday at a rally in Pennsylvania that if he wins the presidency, he will work hard on behalf of all Americans — including people like the “chumps” who gathered outside the event,...