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Most QAnon Candidates Lost Their Races, 하지만 2 Are Heading To Congress

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["An alarming wave of Republican candidates who flirted with or openly embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory launched bids for Congress this year. But QAnon largely lost at the polls, with 26 of the 28 QAnon-backing Re...

QAnon Backers Behind Pro-Trump Caravans Blocking Roads And Disrupting The Election

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["Across the country, caravans of Donald Trump supporters have taken over highways, bridges and city streets in recent days in aggressive displays of support for the president. One convoy drove through Marin City, Ca...

Savvy K-Pop Superfans Take On QAnon With Vast Cyberarmy

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["Internet-savvy K-Pop fans are mobilizing against QAnon in an ongoing cyberwar, say digital security experts. Attacks hijacking QAnon’s memes and messages are part of K-Pop stans’ success this summer sabotaging ticke...