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Questions About 2020 Down-Ballot Races? Ask Our HuffPost Politics Editors

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["HuffPost Illustration During this historic election, we know our readers will have a lot to say. And we want to hear it! We’re launching three forums this week focusing on big election topics. Our hope is that this...

Most QAnon Candidates Lost Their Races, But 2 Are Heading To Congress

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["An alarming wave of Republican candidates who flirted with or openly embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory launched bids for Congress this year. But QAnon largely lost at the polls, met 26 van die 28 QAnon-backing Re...

GOP Ads Use The Same ‘VoterTo Bash Dems In Three Different Senate Races

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["Two Republican super PACs used the same supposed voter in newly released ads for at least three different Senate races, including those in Maine, Iowa and Kansas. In an ad produced by American Crossroads that aired ...