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에 2020, Self-Care Is Becoming A More Radical Act

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[]["Amid a global pandemic, climate change, racial unrest and a 24/7 news cycle, self-care is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. Collective stress and anxiety have surged in 2020. Almost 50% percent of Americans b...

Joe Biden Just Gave A Totally Normal Political Speech — And It Felt So Radical

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["Joe Biden greeted the nation as president-elect for the first time Saturday night, calling for decency, compassion and a fair shot for all. He offered an olive branch to supporters of President Donald Trump, saying...

Kelly Loeffler’s Repetitive ‘Radical LiberalDebate Attack Inspires Drinking Game

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["Twitter users following Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s (R) debate against her Democratic opponent were so awed at her relentless repetition of the attack phrase “radical liberal” that they were inspired to talk up a ...

Seth Meyers, Kelly Loeffler의 'Radical Liberal'의 놀라운 슈퍼컷 방송’ 지베스

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["센이라면. 켈리 뢰플러 (R-Ga.) 그녀는 일요일 밤 상원 결선 토론에서 한 가지를 분명히 했습니다., it’s that she wants to cast her opponent as a “radical liberal.” According to a supercut on “Late Night with Seth Mey...

With Amy Coney Barrett In The Wings, SCOTUS Conservatives Hint At Radical Voting Decisions

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["미국. Supreme Court refused to stay a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling protecting absentee voting rights in the state on Monday by locking 4-4 and thus accepting the lower court’s decision in the case. While the...