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Keanu Reeves Recalls ‘Gladitorial GauntletOf ‘Bill & TedAuditions

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["Keanu Reeves on Tuesday had a most excellent description of the casting process for 1989′s “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” (Watch the interview above.) Reeves and co-star Alex Winter, appearing on “The Tonight S...

Biden Pick Antony Blinken Recalls Stepfather’s Holocaust Escape

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["Antony Blinken spoke of his stepfather’s chilling experience during World War II while accepting President-elect Joe Biden’s nomination to be secretary of state this week. Biden introduced Blinken, along with his o...

Matthew McConaughey Recalls Electric Reaction He Had To Seeing His Wife For The First Time

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["Matthew McConaughey had a very McConaughey reaction to seeing his now wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, for the first time in a club some years ago. The actor recalled their intense first encounter and “great connecti...