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NOI. Coronavirus Pandemic Sets New Record, Surpassing Over 100,000 Daily Cases Again

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["While the U.S. awaits election results, the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the country, with a record more than 100,000 cases reported Wednesday. The eastern half of the country is engulfed in rising cases...

Record Number Of Women Of Color Are Headed To Congress

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["A record number of women of color ran for Congress in the 2020 elezione, and a record number won their races and are set to serve in 2021. At least 50 women of color (including 46 Democrats) will serve in the next...

Kayleigh McEnany Breaks White House Whopper Record With MAGA Crowd Tally

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["White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spectacularly broke the White House fib meter in an administration with an astounding reputation for lies. She gushed Saturday that the “Million MAGA March” in Washington...

A Record 100,000 Americans Are Currently Hospitalized With COVID-19

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[" Più di 100,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, a grim record amid three straight weeks of them: Every day since Nov. 9 has seen more Americans hospitalized than at the peak of the first wave...

Global Coronavirus Cases Rise By One-Day Record Of 400,000

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["(Reuters) - Global coronavirus cases rose by more than 400,000 for the first time late on Friday, a record one-day increase as much of Europe enacts new restrictions to curb the outbreak. Europe, which successfully ...

Trump Rips ‘Fake NewsFor Focusing On COVID-19 ‘CASES, CASES, CASESAs Nation Breaks Record

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["President Donald Trump on Saturday attacked the media for its focus on COVID-19 “CASES, CASES, CASES” after the nation hit an all-time high of more than 83,000 daily infections on Friday. He said without evidence t...

A Record Number Of Native Candidates Are Heading To Congress

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["ALASTAIR PIKE via Getty Images Reps. Sharice Davids (D-Kan.) and Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) just won their second terms to Congress. They are the first two Native American women to ever serve in the House of Representativ...

A Record Number Of Women Were Elected To The U.S. House Of Representatives Again

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["A record-breaking number of women won seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2020 elezione. As of Thursday morning, 103 women had been elected to the 435-member House with some races yet to be determined,...