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Trump Will Have To Pay $7.9 Million If He Really Wants Wisconsin Recount

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["MADISON, Wis. (AP) — President Donald Trump will have to pay $7.9 million if he wants a statewide recount of unofficial results in Wisconsin showing him losing to Democrat Joe Biden by about 20,500 voti. That is fo...

Wisconsin Officials Accuse Trump Observers Of Obstructing Recount

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["MILWAUKEE (AP) — Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county accused observers for President Donald Trump on Saturday of seeking to obstruct a recount of the presidential results — in some instances by objectin...

Wisconsin Recount Observers Given Poop Emoji Wristbands — No BS

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["People observing the Wisconsin recount of presidential votes singled out one detail as pretty crappy: the wristbands. The recount observers had been given different wristbands each day of the week, ranging from thin...

Trump-Demanded Wisconsin Recount Boosts Joe Biden’s Victory Margin

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["Bene, that didn’t go as planned. A recount of votes in Milwaukee demanded by Donald Trump’s campaign increased Joe Biden’s margin of victory — by 132 voti. The Trump campaign paid $3 million for the partial Wiscons...

Joe Biden To Carry Georgia After Second Recount, State Election Official Says

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["WASHINGTON, dicembre 2 (Reuters) - Democrat Joe Biden is headed toward victory in Georgia in the 2020 NOI. presidential election after the state’s second recount, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Wednesday, ...