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特朗普竞选委员会花费 $1.1 上周在特朗普地产上的百万美元: 报告

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["唐纳德特朗普总统的竞选委员会花费超过 $1.1 在总统竞选的最后几周,他在自己的房产中拥有数百万美元, 华盛顿邮报周五报道. 这使得一个惊人的总数 $6...

报告: 右翼民兵组织对选民“构成严重威胁”

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["民兵组织“对美国选民的安全和保障构成严重威胁,” 特别是在美国的摇摆州, according to a joint report from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACL...

威斯康星州特朗普竞选律师采取行动投出自己的选票: 报告

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["在一个超现实的转折, 领导唐纳德特朗普的威斯康星州选举之战的律师正在寻求抛出数千张“非法”选票, 包括他妻子和他自己的, 密尔沃基日报-哨兵报. 律师...

联邦调查局就贿赂指控调查德克萨斯州总检察长: 报告

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["达拉斯 (美联社) — 联邦调查局正在调查德州总检察长肯·帕克斯顿 (Ken Paxton) 违法利用其办公室为富有的捐赠者谋利的指控, 据两名了解调查情况的人士透露. 联邦农业部.

我们. Justice Department To File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google: 报告

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) 华盛顿 (路透社) - 美国. Justice Department is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday for allegedly breaking the law ...

冠状病毒实时更新: Report Claims Infighting, Exhaustion Deadlocking Trump’s COVID-19 Task Force

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["The coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life around the globe, 超过 40 million people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 since Chinese officials implemented the first coronavirus lockdown in the city...

Ocasio-Cortez Shreds Fox News Report Attacking Her For Wearing Pricey Clothes

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["代表. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is being shamed by conservatives for spending money on her appearance again, and her rebuttals are as fiery as ever. The progressive Democrat responded on Thursday to an articl...

Trump Told Donors That It Will Be ‘Very ToughFor Republicans To Hold Senate: 报告

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["President Donald Trump told donors at a private fundraising event that it will be “very tough” for Republicans to hold the Senate, The Washington Post reported. An unnamed source who attended the $250,000 a ticket f...

司法部悄悄停止对塔米尔赖斯案的调查: 报告

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["司法部实际上停止了对这起案件的民权调查。 2014 警察杀害塔米尔赖斯, 克利夫兰的一个 12 岁黑人男孩, 据《纽约时报》报道. The DOJ brought to a halt its ...

福克斯新闻’ Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum Advised To Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure: 报告

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["The Fox News president and several on-air personalities have been advised to quarantine after sharing a private plane with someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus, The New York Times reported Sunday. C...

Kushner Bragged That Trump Wrested Control Of COVID-19 Response From Doctors: 报告

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["Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, can be heard in newly released audio clips bragging about President Donald Trump’s anti-science approach to the coronavirus pandemic as the illness ravag...

Intel Officers ‘TerrifiedOf Briefing Trump On Russia Because He Would ‘Explode’: 报告

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["Intelligence officers in charge of briefing President Donald Trump on threats against the nation are reportedly “terrified” of speaking to him about Russia out of fear of how the president will react. “No one’s goin...

Billions In COVID-19 Relief Loans May Have Gone To Fraudsters, Report Finds

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["The Small Business Administration may have granted billions of dollars in fraudulent COVID-19 relief loans after relaxing its approval standards in response to an unprecedented amount of applications, the agency’s i...

White House Coronavirus Adviser Warns Of ‘Deadly PhaseAs Trump Downplays Risks: 报告

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["博士. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, urged the Trump administration in an internal memo to take “much more aggressive action” to tackle COVID-19, The Washington Post reported. “We...

迈克·蓬佩奥(Mike Pompeo)发出 900 大型节日聚会的邀请: 报告

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["国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥 (Mike Pompeo) 和他的妻子已派出 900 国务院几个室内假日派对之一的邀请, 尽管冠状病毒大流行和公众的惨淡警告...

特朗普要求宾夕法尼亚州众议院最高共和党人干预选举: 报告

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["唐纳德特朗普总统两次亲自致电宾夕法尼亚州众议院议长,要求他帮助推翻选举结果。 2020 我们. 州内选举, 特朗普最近试图否认他的....

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