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Republicans Truly Don’t Care That Trump Is Undermining Democracy

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["WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump refuses to concede, his legal team continues to challenge the legitimacy of the election without any serious proof of wrongdoing, and Republicans in Congress are perfectly fine wi...

Republikeine bevestig nog een van Trump se ongekwalifiseerde hofkeuses

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["Op 'n dag toe die Verenigde State 'n kwartmiljoen mense dood aan COVID-19 verbygesteek het, Republikeine van die Senaat was besig om op iets anders op te tree: bevestig nog een van president Donald Trump se geregtelike n ...

Republicans Congratulate Kamala Harris On Senate Floor For Unnamed Reason

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["Most Republican elected officials have yet to publicly acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump, who has refused to concede while lobbing false claims of widespread vote fraud in the Nov. 3 ...

Republicans Continue To Deny Election Result, Reality

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["Republicans continued to deny reality on Tuesday, insisting the 2020 presidential election isn’t over yet despite former Vice President Joe Biden’s clear and historic win over President Donald Trump last week. Their...

Republicans Split On Trump’s Dangerous Election Lies

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["Republican reaction to President Donald Trump’s incendiary lies about voter fraud and the “stolen” 2020 presidential election ranged, with some elected GOP officials echoing the baseless claims and others denouncing...

Republicans Imply Pennsylvania Should Throw Out Popular Vote, Line Up Behind Fraud Lie

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["Sy. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, two of President Donald Trump’s most vocal Republican allies, implied Thursday that Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled legislature should consider invalidating th...

Kamala Harris Delivers Powerful Response To The Republicans Who Mock Her Name

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["Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris called out the “childish” Republicans who’ve mocked her first name. The senator from California told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that a name is the first g...

House Republicans Raked Over The Coals For ‘Psychopathic’ Birthday Tweet For Hillary Clinton

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["House Judiciary Committee Republicans drew ire on Monday night after they fired off a gloating tweet following the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The GOP-run account mockingly wished Democra...

Republikeine het Wit Moederskap gewapen om Amy Coney Barrett bevestig te kry

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["Illustrasie: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Foto's: AP / Getty Republikeine beklemtoon Amy Coney Barrett se rolle as 'n vrou en ma tydens haar Hooggeregshof bevestiging verhore. Toe president Donald Trump Amy C....