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John Mulaney Was Stoked That Secret Service ‘Opened A FileOn Him

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["John Mulaney’s joke about Julius Caesar got a thumbs-down from the Secret Service. The comedian said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday that a gag he told about the Roman statesman on “Saturday Night Live” prompted an i...


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["哈里王子在周三晚上举行的第 14 届年度“英雄挺身而出”活动中讲述了他十年的兵役生涯——以及它如何影响他的生活. “我在军队的经历造就了今天的我—— ...

More Than 130 Secret Service Officers In COVID Isolation After Trump Campaign Rallies

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["A coronavirus outbreak has forced more than 130 我们. Secret Service officers to isolate or quarantine themselves after either testing positive for the illness or coming into close contact with someone who has, The W...

Holocaust Survivors Reunite After Randomly Finding Each Other Via Zoom Prayer Service

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["纽约 (美联社) — Holocaust survivors Ruth Brandspiegel and Israel “Sasha” Eisenberg call their reunion a miracle that began on the holiest day in Judaism, and it only happened thanks to a prayer service that was held...