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The Style Evolution Of Dan Levy, One Of People’s Sexiest Men Alive

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[]["2020 has been a Schitt show.As in, the year we’ve been endlessly rewatching “Schitt’s Creek” as well as the moment the beloved show and its co-creator Dan Levy swept the Emmy Awards in September to distract us fro...

Steve Kornacki And His Khaki Slacks Land On People’s ‘Sexiest Men AliveList

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["It has been more than two weeks since Election Day, but the thirst for journalist Steve Kornacki is still strong. The MSNBC and NBC political correspondent, who skyrocketed to viral fame for his tireless vote covera...

Michael B. Jordan Revealed As People’s ‘Sexiest Man AliveIn The Most 2020 Way

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["Michael B. Jordan is People magazine’s 2020 “Sexiest Man Alive.” The 33-year-old actor, known best for his performances in “Creed” and “Black Panther,” was revealed Tuesday night as the winner of this year’s title o...