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Millie Bobby Brown Shares Tearful Message After ‘UncomfortableFan Encounter

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["Millie Bobby Brown was brought to tears on Monday after an “uncomfortable” and unwelcome interaction with a fan while she was Christmas shopping with her mom. The “Strangers Things” star shared a teary video on her...

‘Jeopardy!’ Shares Thanksgiving Message Alex Trebek Recorded Before His Death

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["Alex Trebek had Thanksgiving gratitude and wisdom to offer “Jeopardy!” viewers before his death. The legendary trivia show host, who died on Nov. 8 at the age of 80, said in a prerecorded Thanksgiving message that, ...

Alex Trebek’s Wife Jean Shares Stunning Wedding Day Photo, Thanks Fans For Support

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["Jean Trebek, the wife of the late Alex Trebek, thanked fans of the legendary “Jeopardy!” host for their well wishes with a stunning throwback photo of the two on their wedding day in an Instagram post published Wedn...

Chrissy Teigen Shares ‘Cutest, Most BeautifulVideo Of Daughter Talking To Late Baby’s Ashes

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["Chrissy Teigen shared a video of the “cutest, most beautiful” way her daughter, Luna, is honoring her late baby brother. The model and cookbook author is continuing to be open about her grief after she experienced p...

Sacha Baron Cohen Shares Video Of Chaotic Escape From Washington Gun Rally

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["Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed the not-so-funny side of his prank on right-wingers at a gun rally in Washington state earlier this year. The comedian and “Borat 2” creator on Tuesday shared behind-the-scenes footage...

Chrissy Teigen Shares Emotional Essay About Pregnancy Loss

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[]["JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX via Getty ImagesChrissy Teigen shared her experience with pregnancy complications and loss after nearly a month of social media silence.Chrissy Teigen opened up about her heartbreaking pregna...

Anthony Mackie Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting Chadwick Boseman

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["Chadwick Boseman was a hero on and off camera, and in true Marvel fashion, his friendship with one fellow Avenger has a pretty hilarious origin story. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marvel co-star...

Pat Robertson Shares Bonkers Message From God And Twitter Users Raise Holy Hell

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["TV preacher Pat Robertson says God told him that President Donald Trump will win reelection. O, and the world’s going to end, probably via an asteroid strike. “Without question, Trump is going to win the election,...

Hillary Clinton Shares Chilling Warning From 4 Years Ago: ‘Speech For Everything

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["President Donald Trump may have a tweet for everything. Hillary Clinton, egter, used a whole speech to remind Americans of what she’d warned a Trump presidency would entail. The former secretary of state on Tuesda...