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Seth Meyers: Trump Is Actually Keeping His Word On One Issue, But Really Shouldn’t

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["Seth Meyers on Wednesday mocked Donald Trump for actually delivering on one of his promises. But the “Late Night” host wished the president was not. Meyers noted how Trump ― who has refused to acknowledge defeat in ...

Why You Shouldn’t Recycle Receipts

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["If you’re a frequent shopper at one of CVS’s 10,000 NOI. locations, you’re familiar with the extended whine of the cash register as it spews out a seemingly endless scroll consisting mainly of coupons. People use th...

Why Does Hand Sanitizer Smell Like Tequila Or Vodka? (Hint: It Shouldn’t.)

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[]["Back in March, as COVID-19 swept the world and rendered hand sanitizer a daily necessity, hand-cleaning devotees took to social media to give voice to a commonly undiscussed aspect of the product ― its smell.They’...

Here Is One Health Care Pledge Biden Shouldn’t Make

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["President Donald Trump hit Joe Biden with a familiar attack in Thursday night’s presidential debate, warning that the former vice president would wipe out private health insurance for 180 million Americans. Biden po...