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Rocker Patty Smyth Sings ‘Goodbye To YouTo Donald Trump

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["Jimmy Fallon bid farewell Wednesday to President Donald Trump after his election loss ― and “The Tonight Show” host had some powerful help. (Watch the video above.) Patty Smyth, who belted out a few hits as the fron...

John Legend Sings ‘Georgia On My MindAs Biden Overtakes Trump In That State

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["Grammy-winning musician John Legend performed his heart out on “Georgia On My Mind” early Friday as votes for former Vice President Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in that state. The election development l...

Leslie Odom Jr. Sings ‘HamiltonHit ‘Wait For ItIn Election Patience Plea

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["“Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. has an Election Day message for anxious Americans wanting quick results: “Wait For It.” (Watch the video below.) That also happens to be the title of Odom’s hit song from the musical....