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‘The Debt Is Like A Mountain’: How Online Lenders Prey On Small Businesses

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["삽화: 레베카 치서/허프포스트; Photo: Getty . Natasha Larbie, who owns a construction firm with her husband in Katy, Texas, a Houston suburb, ran into the kind of cash flow problem that many small businesses...

CDC Issues Strongest Endorsement For Masks Yet, Says Small Uptick Could Save $1 Trillion

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["The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its strongest endorsement yet for the widespread wearing of masks, saying Tuesday that face coverings protect both the wearer and those around them from the spre...

Etsy Black Friday Deals To Shop Small In 2020

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[]["HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change.HuffPostTurns out, you won’t have to wait until Small Business Saturday to find Cyber Week deals f...

How To Host And Make A Small Thanksgiving Dinner During COVID-19

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[]["추수감사절의 모든 것: 모든 추수감사절 요리법 받기, 방법 등!It’s just food. It’s just a day. But still, that fourth Thursday in November is looming in our minds and on our calendars, fraught with ...

The Best Hand Pie Recipes For A Small Thanksgiving Dessert

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[]["추수감사절의 모든 것: 모든 추수감사절 요리법 받기, 방법 등!COVID-19 has changed the way we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, resulting in smaller gatherings and a breaking of tradition. If baking...