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South Dakota Nurse: Dying COVID-19 Patients ‘Still Don’t Believe The Virus Is Real’

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["A South Dakota nurse has gone viral after explaining her ongoing frustrations with trying to convince COVID-19 patients they actually have the virus. “Their last dying words are, ‘This can’t be happening. It’s not r...

It’s Time For Northerners To Give Up Outdated Prejudices About The American South

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["Jon Cherry via Getty Images A Biden/Harris sign adorned the yard of a home in Louisville, Kentucky, in mid-October. Although Kentucky remained reliably Republican, another state that was part of the Confederacy -- G...

Joe Biden’s Slip Among South Texas Hispanics Baffles Democrats

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["AUSTIN, Texas ― It was supposed to be the year that Texas threatened to turn blue. In plaas daarvan, Democrats saw their margin of defeat nearly double from 2.6% in the midterm U.S. Senate race to 5.9% in the presidential ra...

Lindsey Graham Holds On To South Carolina Senate Seat Amid Well-Funded Challenge

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["Sen. Lindsey Graham is projected to win a fourth term in Congress, clinching a victory over Democrat Jaime Harrison. Graham had won 54% of the vote as of Tuesday night. The win ensures that one of the most powerfu...