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Don Lemon Questions CNN’s Choice To Air Trump ‘PropagandaSpeech

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["CNN’s Don Lemon questioned his own network’s choice to air a speech President Donald Trump delivered at his campaign’s Virginia headquarters on Tuesday while voters were still casting their ballots, calling the pres...

Joe Biden Just Gave A Totally Normal Political Speech — And It Felt So Radical

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["Joe Biden greeted the nation as president-elect for the first time Saturday night, calling for decency, compassion and a fair shot for all. He offered an olive branch to supporters of President Donald Trump, saying...

Jimmy Kimmel Graciously Finishes Melania Trump’s ‘Hate, NegativitySpeech

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["Maybe Jimmy Kimmel could get a job on the first lady’s communications team. The late night host added some finishing touches to the speech that Melania Trump gave at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tampa ...

Joe Biden Promises ‘Time To Heal’ Nel discorso della vittoria

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["President-elect Joe Biden accepted the job Saturday night in a speech from his home state of Delaware, promising to rebuild a country torn apart by multiple crises after four years of chaotic rule from President Don...

Samuel Alito Goes Full Political Commentator In Federalist Society Speech

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["Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave alarmingly political remarks on Thursday, criticizing many states’ science-based COVID-19 restrictions and condemning the high court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. ...

La vicepresidente eletta Kamala Harris inaugura il "Nuovo giorno per l'America".’ Nel discorso della vittoria

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["Nel suo primo discorso pubblico da vicepresidente eletto, Kamala Harris ha ringraziato gli elettori sabato sera per "si sono presentati in numero record per far sentire la propria voce" e per aver inaugurato un "nuovo giorno per l'America". Parlando ...

People Say Melania Trump’s Speech Against ‘Hate’ Should Come With A Laugh Track

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["The irony was too much for many Twitter users to handle after Melania Trump accused the media of spreading “hate” during a campaign speech for her husband, Il presidente Donald Trump, in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday. “In...