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William Barr Kept Silent For Weeks As Trump’s Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theories Spread

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["Attorney General William Barr, who has served as President Donald Trump’s right-hand man and protector, waited nearly an entire month after the 2020 presidential election to publicly state the obvious: Trump doesn’t...

States Impose New Rules, Plead With Public To Stop Spread

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["State and local officials nationwide are imposing new coronavirus restrictions and pleading with the public in an increasingly desperate attempt to stop the explosive spread of the disease as many Americans resist c...

Fauci Says Santa Claus Has ‘Innate ImmunityAnd Can’t Spread COVID-19

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["When Santa Claus takes flight on Christmas Eve, he won’t carry COVID-19 or pass it along to children around the world. 博士. Anthony Fauci told USA Today this week that those eager to maintain some semblance of their...

Grocery Chain Backpedals After Encouraging Customers To ‘Plan A Super Spread

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["An East Coast-based supermarket chain apologized after releasing a holiday-themed advertisement containing what many interpreted as a flippant reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. Giant Foods, which has stores in De...

How Does COVID-19 Spread Differently Than The Flu?

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[]["damircudic via Getty ImagesEach year, scientists look to the Southern Hemisphere to get a clue as to how flu season up north might play out. The flu season below the equator, which typically runs June through Augu...