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Top State Department Official Repeatedly Drank To Excess On The Job: Watchdog

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["A high-ranking State Department official who is close to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo drank alcohol excessively on “numerous” occasions while working, even raising a red flag among foreign counterparts, multiple S...

First ‘Murder HornetNest In U.S. Found In Washington State

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["SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Scientists have discovered the first nest of so-called murder hornets in the United States and plan to wipe it out Saturday to protect native honeybees, officials in Washington state said. Afte...

Sarah McBride Makes History As First Openly Trans State Senator

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["Sarah McBride made history on Tuesday night when she became the highest-ranking openly trans official in America after winning a seat in Delaware’s state Senate. The 30-year-old Democrat defeated Republican Steve Wa...

John Legend Sings ‘Georgia On My MindAs Biden Overtakes Trump In That State

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["Grammy-winning musician John Legend performed his heart out on “Georgia On My Mind” early Friday as votes for former Vice President Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in that state. The election development l...

Top Texas Democrat Faults Ban On In-Person Outreach For Disappointing State Election

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["ERIC THAYER / Reuters Democrats held their ground in Texas on Election Day but fell short of high hopes for the party like delivering the state for Joe Biden. The Biden campaign and House Democrats’ strict rules aga...

Texas Becomes First State To Top 1,000,000 COVID-19 Cases

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["Texas hit a grim new milestone this week as its number of COVID-19 cases surpassed 1 million. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center, Texas has reported 1,010,364...

Minn. GOP State Senate Warns Only Republicans Of COVID Outbreak

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["Observers were stunned this week when Minnesota GOP legislative officials urgently warned only Republicans about a serious COVID-19 outbreak in the State Senate. No one said a word to Democratic politicians or staff...

The Most-Searched Thanksgiving Side Dish In Every State

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[]["Alles danksegging: Kry al ons Thanksgiving resepte, hoe om te doen en meer!Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes (shout-out to stuffing!). The popularity of certain cl...

Second-Largest Australian State Goes 28 Days Without Any New Infections

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["SYDNEY (Reuters) ― Australia’s second-largest state, Victoria, once the country’s COVID-19 hotspot, said on Friday it has gone 28 days without detecting any new infections, a benchmark widely cited as eliminating th...

Pa. State Senator Doug Mastriano Leaves Meeting With Trump After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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["A Pennsylvania state senator abruptly left a West Wing meeting with President Donald Trump after being informed he had tested positive for the coronavirus, a person with direct knowledge of the meeting told The Asso...

Joe Biden To Carry Georgia After Second Recount, State Election Official Says

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["WASHINGTON, Des 2 (Reuters) - Democrat Joe Biden is headed toward victory in Georgia in the 2020 Amerikaanse. presidential election after the state’s second recount, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Wednesday, ...

New Jersey Goewerneur Lashes Rep. Matt 'Putz’ Gaetz oor potensiële superverspreidergebeurtenis in sy staat

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["New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) versnipperde Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) vir die vreugdevolle deelname aan 'n binnenshuise geleentheid wat 'n COVID-19-superverspreider in Jersey City kan word - en het die gesondheidsregulasies-vernietigende Republiek gewaarsku..