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Stephen Colbert tart GOP-senator met 'klein klein testikels' oor Trump-kommentaar

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[""Late Show" gasheer Stephen Colbert sê sommige Republikeine begin duim weg van president Donald Trump namate sy peilinggetalle daal voor volgende maand se verkiesings. Maar sommige is nie juis vrymoedig daaroor nie. ...

Stephen Colbert Ditches Jokes To Call Out Every Republican Standing With Trump

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert delivered a largely joke-free first half of his monologue on Thursday night to call out Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump’s outrageous speech. The president attacked...

Stephen Colbert stel nuwe luitoon voor vir Trump-ignorering van GOP-gov.

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[""The Late Show"-gasheer Stephen Colbert het 'n nuwe luitoonvoorstel vir Arizona se Republikeinse Gov. Doug Ducey. Video het hierdie week virale gegaan van Ducey wat blykbaar 'n oproep van president Donald Trump of visepresident ignoreer..

Stephen Colbert Points Out The Huge Flaw In Trump’s New Campaign Slogan

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["President Donald Trump tried to update his campaign slogan at a rally this week and it didn’t exactly go very well. As “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert pointed out, the new spin on his famous phrase is basically an ...

Stephen Colbert Reveals What He’s Most Looking Forward To When Trump Leaves Office

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert said he was emotional when he learned on Saturday that President-elect Joe Biden had defeated President Donald Trump in last week’s election. “I sat down and just started crying wit...

Stephen Colbert dink Trump het een sleutelwoord in syne verkeerd gelees 46 Minute Rant Op Facebook

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["Stephen Colbert het Woensdag in president Donald Trump se samesweringsteorie-gevulde toespraak op Facebook oor die verkiesing geskeur. “The Late Show”-gasheer het voorgestel dat Trump een kritieke woord in sy rant verkeerd gelees het. Trump s...

Dolly Parton Reduces Stephen Colbert To Tears With Haunting A Cappella Performance

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["Stephen Colbert struggled to keep it together as country music legend Dolly Parton broke into song during Tuesday night’s “Late Show.” Parton delivered an a cappella rendition of “Bury Me Beneath The Willow” that h...

Stephen Colbert Shows How Quickly His Celebration Turned To Rage

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert’s elation over President-elect Joe Biden’s victory against President Donald Trump quickly took a dark turn on Tuesday. “Yesterday, I was pouring champagne to toast the new administra...

Stephen Colbert: Dit is die naaste wat ons sal kry vir 'n Melania Trump-konsessie

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["Stephen Colbert dink dat presidentsvrou Melania Trump net naby gekom het om die 2020 verkiesing namens haar uitgestemde man, President Donald Trump. Op Maandag se uitsending van “The Late Show,”Gasheer Colbert riffe ...

Stephen Colbert Celebrates The 1 Thing We’ll Never See Donald Trump Do Again

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["Stephen Colbert was in a celebratory mood following Thursday’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “Tonight had its ups and downs,” noted “The Late Show” host. ...

Stephen Colbert Uses Cthulhu To Show The Cosmic Horror Of Republicans Coddling Trump

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took a look at some of the write-in candidates who received presidential votes in Vermont, which included a few surprises. Sy. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson...

Stephen Colbert Goes All In On Donald Trump’s ‘Most Appealing Campaign Promise’

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["Stephen Colbert on Monday spotted what he thinks could be President Donald Trump’s “most appealing” promise of his 2020 reelection campaign. Trump at an earlier rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, had boasted about be...

Stephen Colbert Trolls Donald Trump With A Subtle Omission From His Monologue

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["President Donald Trump appeared to be he who shall not be named in Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.” Colbert did not say the words “Donald Trump” during his 13-minute summary of...

Stephen Colbert: This Trump-Ted Nugent Moment Is ‘Perfect’ Summary Of Where We’re At

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["Stephen Colbert thinks he’s found the moment that “captures exactly” how many people feel just days before the 2020 verkiesing. “The Late Show” host on Tuesday pointed to a segment on CNN in which the network’s White ...

Stephen Colbert Enjoys His Fleetwood Mac Burn Of Donald Trump

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["Stephen Colbert put Donald Trump’s election defeat in rock ‘n’ roll terms on “The Late Show” Monday. (Watch the monologue below.) The host noted that the projected final Electoral College count stands at 306-232 in ...

Stephen Colbert Takes Naughty Swipe At Trump For Advertising On ‘The Late Show’

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["Stephen Colbert discovered that President Donald Trump advertises a lot on “The Late Show.” (Watch the full monologue video below.) “Wow,” a surprised Colbert said Wednesday. “Has he seen how I talk about him on thi...

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