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Stephen Colbert Goes All In On Donald Trump’s ‘Most Appealing Campaign Promise’

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["Stephen Colbert on Monday spotted what he thinks could be President Donald Trump’s “most appealing” promise of his 2020 reelection campaign. Trump at an earlier rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, had boasted about be...

Stephen Colbert Celebrates Not Knowing If Joe Biden Or Donald Trump Won

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["Stephen Colbert ended his Showtime election special Tuesday without a winner in the presidential race between incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. And the anticipation was killing him. (Watch the video bel...

Stephen Colbert Taunts GOP Senator With ‘Tiny Little Testicles’ Over Trump Comments

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert says some Republicans are starting to inch away from President Donald Trump as his poll numbers plunge ahead of next month’s elections. But some aren’t exactly being bold about it. ...

Stephen Colbert Nails Why Biden May Have A Hard Time Reading Trump’s Briefings

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["Stephen Colbert on Wednesday spotted what could be a “tough” part of the transition into office for President-elect Joe Biden. “The Late Show” host noted how the White House has finally signed off — after weeks of s...

Stephen Colbert Ditches Jokes To Call Out Every Republican Standing With Trump

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert delivered a largely joke-free first half of his monologue on Thursday night to call out Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump’s outrageous speech. The president attacked...

Stephen Colbert Enjoys His Fleetwood Mac Burn Of Donald Trump

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["Stephen Colbert put Donald Trump’s election defeat in rock ‘n’ roll terms on “The Late Show” Monday. (Watch the monologue below.) The host noted that the projected final Electoral College count stands at 306-232 ~에 ...

Stephen Colbert Reveals The Only Sad Part Of Donald Trump Losing His Legal Battles

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["Stephen Colbert on Thursday celebrated the possible end of President Donald Trump’s legal challenges aimed at overturning the 2020 선거. But “The Late Show” host admitted it was “also kind of sad.” Why? Well, be...

스티븐 콜버트: 이것은 우리가 Melania Trump 양보에 가장 가까운 것입니다

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["Stephen Colbert는 영부인 Melania Trump가 방금 양보에 가까워졌다고 생각합니다. 2020 그녀의 투표 아웃 남편을 대신하여 선거, 도널드 트럼프 대통령. 월요일 방송된 '레이트쇼'에서는,” 호스트 콜베르 리프...

Dolly Parton Reduces Stephen Colbert To Tears With Haunting A Cappella Performance

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["Stephen Colbert struggled to keep it together as country music legend Dolly Parton broke into song during Tuesday night’s “Late Show.” Parton delivered an a cappella rendition of “Bury Me Beneath The Willow” that h...

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