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Steve Kornacki’s ‘Sunday Night FootballDebut Has Election Twitter Going Wild

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["The Steve Kornacki crossover into “Sunday Night Football” is here, and surprise surprise, his fans love it. The NBC political correspondent, who found fast fame with his masterful coverage of the Nov. 3 presidential...

Steve Kornacki And His Khaki Slacks Land On People’s ‘Sexiest Men AliveList

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["It has been more than two weeks since Election Day, but the thirst for journalist Steve Kornacki is still strong. The MSNBC and NBC political correspondent, who skyrocketed to viral fame for his tireless vote covera...

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Tests Positive For COVID-19

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["CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Friday said he has tested positive for COVID-19 as the virus surges to record levels in the state and across the U.S. The 66-year-old Democrat is the fifth gover...

마크 주커 버그: Steve Bannon은 Facebook 금지 정책을 충분히 위반하지 않았습니다.

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["팔로 알토, 11월 12 (로이터) - 마크 저커버그 페이스북 최고경영자(CEO)는 목요일 전 직원 회의에서 스티브 배넌 전 트럼프 백악관 고문이 회사 정책을 충분히 위반하지 않았다고 말했다..

Steve Kornacki Plans To Retire His Iconic Election Night Necktie

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["미국. presidential election may have revealed a harshly divided nation, but Americans on both sides of the political aisle nonetheless had near-unanimous praise for journalist Steve Kornacki and his poll-tracking...

Lawyer Is Ditching Steve Bannon After He Talked About Beheading Anthony Fauci

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["An attorney representing President Donald Trump’s former top aide Steve Bannon moved to drop him as a client Friday after Bannon discussed beheading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and putting his head o...

Steve Bannon: I’d Put Anthony Fauci’s Head On A Pike As A ‘Warning

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["Former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Thursday discussed the imagined beheadings of infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying he would like to put their “heads on ...

Steve Kornacki Explains Accidentally Drawing A Penis On Live TV

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["에 2016, Steve Kornacki made a boner on live TV. Four years ago, after his graphics failed him amid that spring’s presidential primaries, the national political correspondent for MSNBC went from covering an election...