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There’s More TV Than Ever, But It Still Doesn’t Reflect The Diversity Of Its Audiences

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["Year after year, researchers bemoan the state of representation in the entertainment industry, repeatedly finding that progress has been incremental at best. Yet audiences want to see themselves reflected in pop cul...

Ex-RNC Chair Has 1 Damning Word For People Still Donating To Donald Trump

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["마이클 스틸, 전 공화당 전국위원회 위원장, barely contained his contempt Wednesday for people who are donating to outgoing President Donald Trump’s futile bid to overturn the 2020 electio...

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Slams The Sycophants, Enablers And Toadies Still Backing Trump

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["CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Tuesday named and shamed just some of the sycophants who continue to assist President Donald Trump in spinning the false narrative that he actually won the 2020 선거. Keilar slammed Attor...

2020 Presidential Election Is A Nail-biter As Key States Still Counting Votes

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["NS 2020 presidential election was not decided on Election Day. This was a predictable result after the coronavirus pandemic radically changed the way Americans voted and elected officials in key states refused to u...

It’s 2020 And I’m Still Being Called ‘Exotic.Here’s Why It’s Not A Compliment.

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["Courtesy of Ariane Resnick The author I’m not someone who has ever fit well into boxes. For one, I’m a femme-presenting queer woman who’s usually presumed to be straight. For another, my inherent physical features e...

Domestic Workers Still Struggling, Many Jobless Months Into Pandemic

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["House cleaners, nannies and home care workers across the country continue to face dramatic economic losses months into the coronavirus pandemic, with no relief in sight. A survey of over 20,000 Spanish-speaking dom...

Olivia Newton-John And The Joy Of Being Still

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["Brett Goldsmith Olivia Newton-John is raising money for her ONJ Foundation, her charity dedicated to cancer research and treatments. For the first time she can remember, Olivia Newton-John has been still. The singe...

George Conway Shows Trump’s Allies What They Still ‘Believe’ 에

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["George Conway flipped the script again in a new op-ed for The Washington Post about President Donald Trump. The conservative attorney, who is married to Trump’s former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, laid o...

Hundreds Of Parents Separated From Their Kids Under Trump Still Can’t Be Found: ACLU

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["Lawyers tasked with identifying and reuniting families separated in 2017 그리고 2018 under the Trump administration’s so-called “zero tolerance” border policy say they still haven’t been able to locate the parents of a...