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Anthony Mackie Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting Chadwick Boseman

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["Chadwick Boseman was a hero on and off camera, and in true Marvel fashion, his friendship with one fellow Avenger has a pretty hilarious origin story. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marvel co-star...

The Vast Far-Right Web Behind The Hunter Biden Story

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["插图: 赫芬顿邮报; 相片: Getty On Oct. 14, with the presidential election fast approaching, an editor at the New York Post dropped what President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign hoped would be a bombshell ...

福克斯新闻’ Tucker Carlson Apologizes For His Fake Dead Man Voting Story

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["Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologized Friday for one of his fake news stories that a dead man had voted in Georgia. He admitted he was absolutely wrong, and that it was the dead veteran’s widow who voted in Georgi...


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["泰勒·斯威夫特的标志性民谣“爱情故事”在瑞安·雷诺兹的帮助下获得了另一章. 这位流行歌星目前正在重新录制她的前六张专辑,同时她试图重新获得所有权 ...

泰勒·斯威夫特 (Taylor Swift) 的粉丝们可能会在“爱情故事”中向踏板车布劳恩 (Scooter Braun) 致敬’ 视频

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["泰勒斯威夫特自己说的: “没有什么比复仇更好的了。”她的粉丝似乎同意. 这位“开衫”歌手似乎在一个以他为特色的广告中对唱片执行官 Scooter Braun 进行了野蛮烧伤。.