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I Grew Up Surrounded By Religious Fanatics. Here’s What I Know About Trump Supporters.

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["MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images Supporters listen as President Donald Trump speaks at a \"Make America Great Again\" rally at Oakland County International Airport, on Oct. 30 in Waterford Township, Michigan. During the...

Trump Supporters Chant ‘Fox News SucksOn MSNBC In Surreal Scene In Arizona

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["Some of President Donald Trump’s supporters turned on Fox News in an unexpected scene Wednesday in Arizona. Unhappy that the network had called the state late Tuesday for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden,...

Whitney Cummings Says Hollywood Should ‘EmpathizeWith Trump Supporters

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["Whitney Cummings said Hollywood should “want to empathize” with President Donald Trump’s supporters and not simply dismiss them and what they have to say. In an interview with The Daily Beast published Wednesday, Cu...

Trump, Biden Try Rallying Their Supporters In Key Must-Win States

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["PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump cast his own ballot in his adopted home state of Florida Saturday before rallying supporters in three other critical battleground states. Democrat Joe Biden is throwing ...

Affirmative Action Supporters Could Finally Revive It In California

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["Justin Sullivan via Getty Images People protested Prop 209, California's anti-affirmative action law, in San Francisco back in 2012. Eight years later, voters could finally overturn it. In 1996, California became t...

Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Mince Words In Missive To Trump Supporters: ‘Suck It Up

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["Whoopi Goldberg has a no-nonsense message for anyone questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election results and Joe Biden’s victory. “The View” moderator on Monday’s show addressed supporters and allies of ...

Hundreds Of Trump Supporters Waited Hours In The Cold For Buses After Omaha Rally

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["President Donald Trump’s rally at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, ended around 9 p.m. Tuesday, but hundreds of attendees wouldn’t make their way out of the freezing cold until a few hours later. As Trump jetted ...

Top Trump Supporters Attack Joe Biden For Going Maskless Using 2019 Photo

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["Two top Donald Trump supporters were caught in lies on Monday after attempting to smear Joe Biden as a hypocrite regarding mask-wearing in public. On Sunday night, Richard Grenell, the president’s former acting dire...

‘The BoysShowrunner Isn’t Sure Trump Supporters Realize Homelander Is Evil

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["On “The Boys,” superhero Homelander has killed countless people, sparked xenophobia and made love to an actual Nazi. In other words, the dude’s a villain. He’s clearly the bad guy. But the show’s creators aren’t sur...

Trump-ondersteuners Swarm Biden-veldtogbus op die snelweg van Texas

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["Ondersteuners van president Donald Trump gebruik hul persoonlike voertuie - versier met veldtog - om 'n stuk snelweg buite Austin te swerm, Texas, Vrydag in 'n oënskynlike poging om 'n Biden-Harris-veldtog te boelie..

Supporters Rally Around Meghan Markle After Duchess Writes About Pregnancy Loss

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["Supporters are praising Meghan Markle for coming forward and discussing her experience losing a pregnancy in July. In an emotional essay for The New York Times called “The Losses We Share,” that Duchess of Sussex w...