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Jake Tapper Abruptly Ends Lara Trump Interview After Shocking Biden Remarks

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["CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday called out Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump and adviser to his reelection campaign, for her past remarks about Democratic nominee Joe Biden, prompting a heated exchan...

Jake Tapper Issues Stark Warning About What To Expect From Donald Trump In Next 11 날

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["CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday warned voters to be prepared for an onslaught of baseless accusations from President Donald Trump and his allies over the next 11 days as the 2020 election heads into its final stretch....

Jake Tapper Calls Election ‘RantingsBy Trump’s ‘SpawnSomething From An Acid Trip

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["CNN’s fed-up host Jake Tapper let loose on Donald Trump’s adult sons and their blatant disinformation about the election, saying the “crayoned ravings” of the president’s “spawn” sound like something from an acid tr...

Jake Tapper Tells GOP Governor His Party Leaders Are ‘Acting Like Babies

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["CNN anchor Jake Tapper did not mince words Sunday in his assessment of how the Republican party is handling President Donald Trump’s election loss. The “State of the Union” host discussed the result with Maryland Go...

Every White Man In Corporate America Should Watch What Jake Tapper Just Did

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[]["ASSOCIATED PRESSCNN anchor Jake Tapper gave public thanks to his colleague Arlette Saenz, modeling how more male allies can do it at work.On Saturday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper took a short pause from live election n...