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Pa. State Senator Doug Mastriano Leaves Meeting With Trump After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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["A Pennsylvania state senator abruptly left a West Wing meeting with President Donald Trump after being informed he had tested positive for the coronavirus, a person with direct knowledge of the meeting told The Asso...

전문가들은 추수감사절 이후 비정상적인 COVID-19 검사 숫자에 대해 경고합니다.

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["밀워키 (AP) — 팬데믹에 대한 국가의 많은 대응을 이끌어온 코로나바이러스 테스트 숫자는 다음 주 정도에 불규칙할 가능성이 있습니다., 전문가들은 금요일, 검사받는 사람이 적어서...

Princess Michael Of Kent Recovering After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

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["런던 (로이터) - Britain’s Princess Michael, the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, is recovering from severe fevers and fatigue after testing positive for COVID-19, her spokesman said on Monday. The princess, the ...