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美国正在经历第三波冠状病毒浪潮. 一些国家有他们的第一个.

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["世界正在输掉与冠状病毒的战斗. 截至上周, COVID-19 病例数在上升 115 国家和落在公正 83. 案件量上升的国家, 26 看到新病例翻了一番.


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["J. Scott Applewhite/相关媒体代表. 本·雷·卢詹 (D-N.M.) 告诉拜登的过渡团队,西班牙裔核心小组担心新墨西哥州州长说的泄密. Michelle Lujan Grisham 拒绝了 Cabi...

How To Talk To Family About Their Risky COVID-19 Behavior

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[]["For months, some of us have watched in frustration as the people we love flout basic coronavirus public health guidance, from wearing masks to practicing social distancing. Other family members may have complied a...

6 Useful Tips For Anyone Grieving Their Pre-Pandemic Life

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[]["Grief is commonly linked to the experience that comes after losing someone we care deeply about, often through death. 然而, there are different kinds of grief and many of them have nothing to do with dying at a...

Michiganders Erupt After Their Maskless Lawmakers Sip Dom Perignon At Trump Hotel

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["After appearing to acquit themselves rationally after a controversial White House meeting with President Donald Trump on Friday, Michigan’s lawmakers were photographed celebrating maskless and downing pricey Dom Per...

33 Funny Tweets About Things Kids Say During Their Parents’ Zoom Meetings

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[]["You haven’t fully lived the 2020 experience if you haven’t seen a child interrupt a Zoom meeting to say something hilarious, adorable or downright bizarre.From odd requests to TMI declarations, there’s no shortage...

吉米金梅尔告诉特朗普捐助者他认为他们的“选举辩护”’ 钱来了

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["吉米金梅尔正在猜测向唐纳德特朗普总统的“选举法律辩护基金”捐款的真正用途. 特朗普的竞选活动一直在纠缠支持者,以帮助其努力对抗选举结果。 20...

Progressives Are Not Preparing To Temper Their Expectations Under A Biden Presidency

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["Joe Raedle via Getty Images U.S. President-elect Joe Biden arrives to address the media after receiving a briefing from the transition COVID-19 advisory board on Nov. 9 at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. ...

Seth Meyers Shreds The ‘GhoulsAt Fox News And Their ‘Evidence-Free Musings

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["Seth Meyers on Wednesday went to town on the “ghouls” at Fox News, hammering the conservative network for its ongoing stumping for President Donald Trump even as the 2020 election hangs in the balance. The host of N...

COVID-19 Canceled HBCU Homecomings. These Folks Are Keeping Their Spirit Alive.

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["插图: 达蒙·达伦/赫芬顿邮报; 相片: Getty \"Homecoming is my everything. It’s my Super Bowl, my birthday, my Thanksgiving, everything wrapped in one,\" says Chubb E. Swagg, an official DJ of Howard Homecomi...

Thousands Of Early Voters Waited For Hours In Snaking Lines On Saturday To Cast Their Ballots

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["On the first day of early voting in New York on Saturday, tens of thousands of people waited in long lines — often for hours on end — to cast their ballots Social media was abuzz with videos and photos of snaking vo...

王牌, Biden Try Rallying Their Supporters In Key Must-Win States

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["PENSACOLA, 弗拉. (美联社) — President Donald Trump cast his own ballot in his adopted home state of Florida Saturday before rallying supporters in three other critical battleground states. Democrat Joe Biden is throwing ...

Watch The New York Jets Break Their General Manager In Another Ugly Loss

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["The New York Jets’ winless season is destroying the tone at the top. Watch general manager Joe Douglas face-palm and close his eyes amid another hapless loss, this time to the Miami Dolphins. Even Joe Douglas can’t ...