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Rachel Maddow Urges Americans To Do 1 Thing Regarding Trump As COVID-19 Surges

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["“Ignore the president,” Rachel Maddow implored Americans on her MSNBC show. “Ignore whatever is going on with that circus,” she urged during a segment Thursday analyzing how the coronavirus is again surging across t...

Hulu’s ‘RunIs A Classic Thriller — Except For 1 Major Thing

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["What lengths would you go to ensure that your loved ones are safe — or to ensure that they never find out the truth about you? Parental paranoia is a robust presence in the world of psychological thrillers and horro...

People Think Mnuchin Accidentally Said Trump Admin’s Most Honest Thing About COVID-19

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["People think Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s slip of the tongue on Friday could be the most honest thing ever said by someone in President Donald Trump’s administration. During a telephone interview for CNBC’s “S...

Seth Meyers는 '가장 짜증나는 일'을 지목했습니다.’ 도널드 트럼프에 대해

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["세스 마이어스는 월요일에 “우리가 도널드 트럼프의 또 다른 4년을 겪지 않아도 된다는 사실에 얼마나 안도했는지”라며 충격을 받았다고 인정했다. "그에 대한 다른 모든 것을 제쳐두고 인종 차별주의, 친구...

6 Stretches To Do First Thing In The Morning, According To Experts

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[]["At a time when many of us are sitting more than usual and (rightfully and responsibly) going out less, it makes sense that we’re feeling stiffer and less limber. Sitting all day, whether at a desk, on the couch or...

What To Eat First Thing In The Morning To Reduce Anxiety

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[]["As many as 40 million American adults — or 18% of the population — live with an anxiety disorder. And during the pandemic, those numbers may be even higher; according to the American Psychological Association’s re...

One Thing Trump Didn’t Lie About: He Is NOT Abraham Lincoln

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters President Donald Trump has often name-dropped Abraham Lincoln in boasting of his record on race. In case Americans needed any clarification, Donald Trump declared in the final presidential deb...

Officer Involved In Breonna Taylor Killing: ‘It’s Not A Race Thing’

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["Jonathan Mattingly, one of the Louisville, Kentucky, police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in March, said in an interview that the killing was “not a race thing.” “This is not relatable to...