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Netflix Thinks You’re Smart Enough To Know ‘The CrownIs Fiction

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["Netflix’s “The Crown” has spilled the royal tea for three seasons without anyone calling for the critically acclaimed drama series to separate fact from fiction. But the show’s fourth season has inched closer to mo...

Stephen Colbert dink Trump het een sleutelwoord in syne verkeerd gelees 46 Minute Rant Op Facebook

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["Stephen Colbert het Woensdag in president Donald Trump se samesweringsteorie-gevulde toespraak op Facebook oor die verkiesing geskeur. “The Late Show”-gasheer het voorgestel dat Trump een kritieke woord in sy rant verkeerd gelees het. Trump s...

Barack Obama dink mense sien uit daarna 1 Besondere ding in die Joe Biden-era

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["Voormalige president Barack Obama dink Joe Biden se presidentskap sal 'n welkome tonikum aan baie Amerikaners verskaf uit die chaos van die Donald Trump-era. In 'n sosiaal gedistansieerde onderhoud wat op Dinsdag se uitsending uitgesaai is ...

Acting Pentagon Chief Thinks Troop Reductions ‘Fraught With Risk

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — The coming period of U.S. troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq is “fraught with risk,” but the military will not hesitate to strike back if extremists attempt to undermine the transition to ...

Actor Natalie Morales Explains Why She Thinks Trump Appealed To Many Latino Voters

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["Actor Natalie Morales used her own family members as an example when discussing why she believes President Donald Trump saw some surprising gains in support from Latino voters in 2020. Early polls consistently show...

Sarah Cooper Thinks Trump Has Seen Her Viral Riffs Despite What He Says

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["President Donald Trump claimed over the summer that he hadn’t seen any of the viral videos in which Sarah Cooper lip-syncs to his voice, but the comedian isn’t buying it. “I think he’s definitely seen them, and I t...

Reid Thinks Biden Should End Senate Filibuster After 3 Weeks

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Senate leader Harry Reid says if Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, Joe Biden should take “no more than three weeks” to test bipartisanship before ending the filibuster so Democrat...

Ex-Bush Aide Peter Wehner Tells Evangelicals What Trump Really Thinks Of Them

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["Peter Wehner is warning evangelical Christians that they made a “bad bargain” with President Donald Trump, who does not respect them or their faith. “Trump clearly sees white evangelicals as a means to an end, peopl...