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Joe Biden Defends His Cabinet Choices: ‘This Is Not A Third Obama Term

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["In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on Tuesday evening, President-elect Joe Biden addressed critiques that his administration is relying upon too many figures who previously served under former President Barack O...

Susan Collins Becomes Third Republican Senator To Congratulate Biden On Victory

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["Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on Monday became the third Republican senator to publicly congratulate President-elect Joe Biden on his election victory. “First, I would offer my congratulations to President-elect Bi...

Amerikaanse. Daily Coronavirus Cases Exceed 125,000, Third Day Over 100,000

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["(Reuters) — U.S. coronavirus infections surged by at least 129,606 on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, the third consecutive daily rise of more than 100,000 cases as a third wave of COVID-19 sweeps the United S...

School Bank Accounts Are Dwindling, As The Third Wave Of COVID-19 Takes Hold

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["Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/HuffPost; Photo: Getty aging teachers in classroom At the end of last school year, Freeman School District Superintendent Randy Russell of eastern Washington state drew up three potentia...

The Third Coronavirus Surge Is Here And Masks Are Still Optional

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["wildpixel via Getty Images Eight months into the pandemic, only 15 states do not require residents to wear masks in public. The U.S. has entered an ominous new surge of the coronavirus pandemic, with more cases repo...