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Data Shows Americans Couldn’t Resist Thanksgiving Travel

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["SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (美联社) — Americans couldn’t resist the urge to gather for Thanksgiving, driving only slightly less than a year ago and largely ignoring the pleas of public health experts, who begged them to forgo ho...

Denver Mayor Apologizes For Thanksgiving Travel After Urging People To Stay Home

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["Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is an unwise and deeply regretful hypocrite. Those are his words, not ours. “It was unwise, it was hypocritical, it was a mistake that I deeply regret and deeply apologize for,” Hancock ...

周日是美国最繁忙的一天. 三月以来的航空旅行, 加剧 COVID-19 激增的恐惧

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["周日是美国航空旅行最繁忙的一天. 3月中旬以来, 大约在那个时候,世界卫生官员宣布 COVID-19 为大流行病, 运输安全管理局周一宣布. TSA 筛选...

Which Airlines Are Blocking Middle Seats During Holiday Travel?

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[]["tonefotografia via Getty ImagesHere's what American, 西南, United, Delta and JetBlue are doing differently during COVID-19. If you’re traveling by plane for the holidays this year, your top concern should be ...