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Harry Styles Trolls 终极巨魔 Candace Owens 与“Manly Men” Instagram Post

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["哈里·斯泰尔斯 (Harry Styles) 对坎迪斯·欧文斯 (Candace Owens) 对他的看法毫不在意. 上个月, 美国版《Vogue》透露,“西瓜糖”歌手是其 12 月封面模特——第一个为自己拥有封面的人。.

Pennsylvania’s Lt. 政府. Trolls Trump, ‘Dopey’ GOP Lawsuits In Epic Tweetstorm

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["Pennsylvania Lt. 政府. John Fetterman on Sunday mocked President Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud and the failed attempts by Republican attorneys to contest the results in court. Fetterman, 民主党人, r...

Stephen Colbert Trolls Donald Trump With A Subtle Omission From His Monologue

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["President Donald Trump appeared to be he who shall not be named in Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.” Colbert did not say the words “Donald Trump” during his 13-minute summary of...

Times Of London Trolls Trump With Cartoon Of Oval Office Chaos Biden Will Encounter

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["President-elect Joe Biden faces quite the clean-up operation in a new cartoon published by the Times of London on Monday. Morten Morland, the political cartoonist at the Rupert Murdoch-owned British newspaper, depic...

Joe Biden Shows Off New Hat And Trolls Trump’s MAGA Slogan In The Process

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["President-elect Joe Biden has a new hat for his new job ― and it doubles as a dig against President Donald Trump. 周六, the president-elect’s wife, 博士. Jill Biden, posted a photo on social media celebrating h...

Joe Biden Trolls Donald Trump With Spoof COVID-19 Plan Website

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["Joe Biden has “finally found” President Donald Trump’s plan to beat the coronavirus pandemic, declared a tweet from the Democratic nominee on Friday. After eight months of this pandemic, we finally found President T...

Biden Trolls Trump By Reminding Him Of The 1 Campaign Promise He Should Keep

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["Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign released a new ad over the weekend that suggests there’s one campaign promise President Donald Trump should keep. Lately, Trump has been telling the crowds in each state he...