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Mike Pence Vs. Donald Trump? Jimmy Kimmel Spots The VP’s ‘SneakyTwitter Move

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["Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday spotted a detail on Vice President Mike Pence’s Twitter account that he believes may signal an upcoming political battle with President Donald Trump. Kimmel noted that Pence is now following...

Trump Administration Finalizing Last-Minute Safety Net Cuts

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["The American people have voted to kick President Donald Trump out of the White House, but in its waning weeks, his administration is still trying to fulfill his inaugural promise to “get our people off of welfare.” ...

Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey Tells Trump It’s Over, Congratulates Joe Biden

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["Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey issued a statement Saturday night declaring that Donald Trump has “exhausted all plausible legal” challenges to the presidential election, and that it’s time for him to conce...

Top Trump Health Official Issues Stark COVID-19 Warning For Thanksgiving

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["Adm. Brett Giroir, the Trump administration’s COVID-19 testing czar, on Wednesday implored Americans to follow coronavirus safety advice over the Thanksgiving holiday — warning that America is currently at “a critic...

Mary Trump: Here’s Why My Uncle Won’t Run For President Again In 2024

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["Mary Trump said the notion that her uncle, President Donald Trump, might run for a second term in 2024 is “preposterous.” “I think that this, initially, was probably an idea that was floated to him in order to assua...

Trump Mocks Joe Biden: If Elected, ‘He’ll Listen To The Scientists

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["President Donald Trump sought to insult former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday by saying that his Democratic opponent would listen to scientists if elected president. Amid a global pandemic that’s claimed more th...

Biden Blasts Trump As U.S. COVID-19 Cases Mount And Pence Staff Endures Outbreak

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["MANCHESTER, N.H./WILMINGTON, Van. (Reuters) - Vice President Mike Pence forged ahead with campaigning on Sunday despite a COVID-19 outbreak among his aides and President Donald Trump claimed progress as the United S...

Trump Claims Doctors Make ‘More MoneyWhen They Lie About COVID-19 Deaths

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["President Donald Trump defied logic at his Michigan rally Friday, claiming that physicians “get more money” when they falsely inflate the number of COVID-19 deaths. And he repeated a story earlier at a Wisconsin ral...

10 Muslim Americans Explain Why They Support Trump

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["Donald Trump, who as a candidate threatened to ban Muslims from the U.S., followed through as president with a travel order that kept residents of several Muslim-majority countries out of the United States. He’s ali...

John Legend Sings ‘Georgia On My MindAs Biden Overtakes Trump In That State

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["Grammy-winning musician John Legend performed his heart out on “Georgia On My Mind” early Friday as votes for former Vice President Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in that state. The election development l...

Trump Family Winery Would Benefit From The President’s Farmworker Wage Freeze

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["The Trump administration has rolled out a new regulation freezing wages for foreign guest workers on U.S. farms until 2023. Na dit, most guest workers would see smaller pay increases than they would have under t...

Trump Again Boasts He Won Pennsylvania And Georgia; Twitter Slaps Him Down

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["President Donald Trump declared again Friday that he won the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia in the race for the presidency — but Twitter quickly slapped him down. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been declared...

Trump Campaign Asks Judge To Disenfranchise Up To 1.5 Million Pennsylvania Voters

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["Donald Trump’s presidential campaign would like a federal judge to disenfranchise up to 1.5 million Pennsylvania voters and declare Trump the winner of the commonwealth’s Electoral College votes, despite his loss. A....

Trump Administration Finally Clears Way For Biden Transition To Begin

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["Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, said the transition between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden can begin, releasing millions of dollars in funds and clearing...

Melania Trump Really Hates Christmas In ‘KimmelSpoof Of White House Holiday Video

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["Melania Trump’s lucky she only has one Christmas remaining at the White House, because it doesn’t look like her leaked comments about her holiday tasks will be forgotten anytime soon. The first lady attempted to sho...

Donald Trump beveel die onttrekking van die VSA. Troepe uit Somalië

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["ADDIS ABABA, Des 5 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump se besluit om die VSA te trek. troepe uit Somalië in die kwynende dae van sy presidentskap het Saterdag ontsteltenis van sommige Somaliërs veroorsaak, wat 'n beroep op die inkomende U..